Issue 23 August 2019

4th August Montague Burton Trophy Hillclimb Latest News

The Montague Burton Trophy Hillclimb was abandoned part way
through the first timed run due to the structural damage caused to a
building adjacent to the course. The extent of this damage coupled
with the danger of imminent collapse was such that it was deemed
unsafe to continue the event.

Email received from the Forster family

Just a quick note to let you know that after his antics yesterday & his

subsequent trip to Hospital, Adam was thoroughly checked for damage,

given a clean bill of health & kicked out yesterday evening.  Apart from

a stiff, back & neck, a few bumps and bruises & a totally shattered ego

he is otherwise unscathed.

We would all appreciate it if you could pass this info on to everyone

involved in his rescue & the subsequent recovery of the Hornet.

We would also & most importantly like to thank all the Marshalls,

Paramedics & other Officials who all sprang into efficient action so

swiftly.  We always say that we really appreciate all the hard work that

goes into every event, but it is only when you are on the receiving end

of such fantastic help & care that you really appreciate it!

I am very pleased to report the events of yesterday have done nothing to

dampen his enthusiasm & we both look forward to starting the season next

year with a new & improved car.


Thanks again, it is hard to put into words how grateful we really are.


Yours sincerely,


Mark, Den & Adam Forster.