Issue 22 June 2019


Practice Day 24th March 2019

A few images from the Photo Gallery (all taken by PW Pics)


Spring National Hillclimb 14th April 2019

Spedding to Victory

The opening round of the 2019 Harewood Championship saw a full entry arrive at a bitterly cold hillside. There were plenty of new competitors plus a sprinkling of new cars for experienced ones. An early problem saw proceedings delayed and as practice concluded we moved into the lunch break.

Timothy Kirkham took Class 15B in his ZR160

First onto the hill for the timed runs were the three guest classes for MG Cars.  In Group One David Coulthard was again the winner whilst in Group 2 & 3 Timothy Kirkham took the win on his first visit to Harewood in his Modified ZR160 with Christopher England second in his trusty TF 160. In Group 4 & 5 Richard Watkinson took the win whilst fellow Midget driver Jake Wolf set a PB en route to second.

Into the Harewood classes and in 1A Nick Mitchell languished in seventh after the first class runs. He fought back to second place on his next run and then on his final ascent snatched the lead from Mark Teale. Steve Mitchell was third just ahead of David Taylor

New season, same winning ways for Deryck Jones!

and Anthony Patrick all of whom were covered by just 0.6 seconds. Class 1B had a fantastic entry with 43 starters! Up front it was ‘The Usual Suspects’ battling it out for the top places. Current Harewood Champion Deryck Jones was again the pace-setter leading from the first run whilst it was Ian Butcher in the Integra holding second throughout as Will Roberts had a titanic battle with Gordon Riley with the former emerging victorious. 1B is certainly attracting a wide variety of cars and there were stacks of MX5s/Eunos plus enough

David Dyson, 2nd in Class 1C in his Porsche 911 GT3

other sports cars to possibly split them off from thesaloons? Class 1C was also well supported and again we had a varied selection of two-wheel drive cars taking part. David Dyson had brought his Porsche 911 GT3 along; we usually only see David in the Porsche class, and he nwas straight into the battle for the class win. Kieron O’Brien however was having none of it and held off the 911 challenge to take the win in his 350Z. Peter Sherratt set a new PB en route to third whilst Terry Deere again entertained in the Talbot Sunbeam Lotus coming home fourth ahead of Glen Shaw et al. Class 1D was somewhat sparse with just 5 runners and when Jonathan Mounsey hit trouble in practice it was thanks to Tony Booth that we were not down to four. Peter Milne in the EVO 9 led initially but Jonathan Mounsey fought back as he reacquainted himself with Booth’s EVO 5 and led home Milne, Frank Cooper (Impreza) and Booth.

Into the Kit Cars and in 2A Leon Franks failed to make it through practice after an off; he was fine but the car unfortunately wasn’t so chipper! Daniel Hollis led the way on the first run and it was only a third run banzai effort by Michael Bellerby that took him into first ahead of the Caterham driver. Peter Wright took third in his Locost 7 with newbie

James Heseltine in his beautiful Lister Bell STR

Tim Kerr fourth in his Caterham R Sport. There was just one runner in 2B and that was James Heseltine in his beautiful Lister Bell STR – a rather superb Lancia Stratos replica. The Lister Bell sports an Alfa Romeo V6 three litre and looked the part resplendent in Martini colours. Into 2E and with just two examples of the Elise things looked bleak however Nigel Hinson set a PB en route to the class win with David Leach also setting a PB as he closed in.

Next were the Mod Prods and as always, the Up to 1400 Class 3A was a two-way battle up front. Roy ‘Bod’ Bolderson was just quick enough to hold off Jonathan North whilst Michael McErlain in his fully rebuilt Ford Anglia took third just over a second adrift as he

David Purdy was second in Class 3B in his Opel Manta

finished ahead of Herbert Shillito. In 3B Sarah Bosworth was the class act as she celebrated her recent marriage in style. David Purdy brought his Manta home second with Dean Maddock third in the Escort. In 3C Stephen Moore dominated in his EVO 6 whilst Chris Berrisford, who had moved from 1D, was second. Chris Edwards only managed the one run as his Mazda 323 GTX starting smoking badly as he rounded Farmhouse –  he finally stopped just after the finish. In 3F Matt Turner, who we usually see in the Westfield class, turned up and just held off a third run charge by Bob Bellerby with Andrew Steel third. All three failed by more than a second to beat their PBs.

The two Sports Libre classes were again just well enough supported not to have to

Ben Lovell on his way to a class win in his OMS SC4CF

combine the entries. In 4A Ben Lovell was back and now had a 1300 supercharged Busa engine aboard his OMS. He did have a problem with his exhaust in practice but managed a couple of timed runs to take a comfortable win. David MacFarlane was second in his OMS SC1, which is for sale, whilst the two re-engined tin tops of Mick Davey (Escort) and Paul Kelsall (Nova) both set PBs as they battled over third. In 4B Rob and Josh Gretton finished 1-2 in their shared Talbot Sunbeam whilst Stephen Green in the Rochdale-VW GT was pushed down to third by Josh on the final run.

Ben Tranter took a hotly contested Class 5A

With just three Racing Car classes the tail of the programme looked a bit thin. In the 1100 class there was a tremendous battle for the win which saw Ben Tranter emerge on top in the OMS 2000M with a new PB after a wayward second practice run. Having to settle for second was Steve Owen in his OMS 28 whilst a subdued David Tatham was third ahead of Rob Spedding. Tranter and Owen also set second and third FTD in the process. It was great to see Mick Heyes out again in his Jedi however he was sidelined with a mechanical issue. Sadly, just days later the news broke that Mick had lost his valiant battle with cancer. Into Class 5B and the Abbey’s battled it out in their 1991 Jamun. Andrew emerged with the win as Richard had a “character building

Richard Spedding took FTD and a new Class 5D record in his GWR Raptor 2

day”. In 5D we had just the one entry – Richard Spedding in his GWR Raptor 2. The 1.3 supercharged Suzuki powered projectile was easily the quickest and duly took FTD and also broke the 2016 class record in the process. Richard also left leading both the Harewood Championship and the FTD Championship.

Into the Classic Classes and in 6A Mark Forster was giving his fully rebuilt BJR 500 JAP it’s debut. The former Wolseley Hornet driver had a couple of

Jolyon Harrison won Class 6C in his Lotus 7 Series 3

problems during practice with the unique car but none the less persevered to take the solo win. In 6C Jolyon Harrison was out in his Lotus 7 Series 3, which he has previously loaned to Bryan Simpson, and duly took the class win. Thomas Robinson won the scrap for second finishing less than a second ahead of the returning Jim Johnstone whilst Allan Scott finished fourth in his Mini Jem Mk 3.

Despite the bitter cold it proved to be a most entertaining and enjoyable day. Dozens of PBs were broken although only one class record fell. At the prize giving Richard Spedding thanked our fantastic band of marshals who must have been frozen to the spot but still managed to react to various incidents with their usual professionalism. As I drove home and started to thaw out, I reflected on the day. It looks like it is going to be another great season and the battle lines for the 2019 Harewood Championship have already been set with seven of the top ten places currently being held by tin-tops. I am already looking forward to May.  

Adding to the splendid variety of machinery, this is Dave Morris’s MG TC

Reported by Steve Wilkinson, all photos by Phill & Marcus Andrews


Images of the Retro Mintex Rally 27th April 2019 (all images by Phill & Marcus Andrews)


May Harewood Championship Hillclimb 11th May 2019

One run wonders

With the British Hillclimb Championship practice to cope with there would be no chance of a timed run for the Harewood Championship contenders prior to the lunch break. However, with rain squalls blowing through it became hit or miss if you got anything approaching a dry timed run!

The guest championship was for  the exotic Ferraris and JCT600 had one of the Italian stallions on display for prospective buyers. The first timed run for the Maranello stallions was at best mildly moist whilst on their second runs on a dry track only one driver failed to improve after a “moment”. Up front on the second runs David Snelson carved a

Nick Taylor won the class for Ferrari cars (JCB Photography)

massive 5 seconds off his first run time setting a new PB. As Snelson crossed the line Nick Taylor was exiting Orchard. Taylor, who still holds the class record in his old car, was in determined mood. He was going to have to set a new PB in his new car to take the win. Through Farmhouse he hugged the kerb until he unleashed the 430 Coupe. The black projectile rocketed up to Quarry and slithered round to snatch the win from Snelson by 0.43 seconds. None of the Ferraris bothered with a third run as the weather had deteriorated – you certainly couldn’t blame them for the decision.

Into the Harewood classes and in 1A Class Record Holder Mark Teale failed to start. This left the door open and Nick Mitchell swooped through to take the win ahead of Anthony Patrick and Richard Derrick. In 1B we were back to the usual suspects with just 20 entrants and again it was the second runs that were decisive. Deryk Jones and Ian Butcher were the only ones to beat 68 seconds on the first runs but on a drier track for the second runs there was a spate of PBs. David Marshall put in a cracking run posting a 66.50 to take the lead. Andy Barton failed to improve when his Pug started to smoke and he just reached the finishing line. Will Roberts had a “moment” as did Ian Butcher and neither improved. This left just Deryck Jones and Gordon Riley, however Riley had a problem and failed to appear. Could Jones, who still held second, improve

David Marshall took Class 1B (JCB Photography)

to snatch the lead? Although he was sluggish off the start he was leading by the time he got to The Esses. At Country the pair were tied! Jones was back in the lead going into Orchard but seemed to lose traction through Farmhouse and was a tenth adrift and couldn’t match Marshall’s run to the finish either. Into 1C and it was their first runs that proved decisive as the rain returned and only one driver, Mike Denning who was running early in a

This is Terry Deere in his splendid Talbot Sunbeam Lotus (Phill & Marcus Andrews)

shared car, improved. Up front Kieran O’Brien dominated whilst Peter Sherratt got the closest to his PB in second. The effervescent Terry Deere was a slithering, sideways third and Adam Riley, now in a Nissan 350Z ragtop, was fourth. In 1D it was Jonathan Mounsey who again ruled the roost with Peter Day just pipping Tony Booth for second. In 2A Daniel Hollis was fastest on the first run whilst Michael Bellerby was quickest in the wet but had to settle for second place ahead of Tim Kerr. In 2B John Heseltine set a new PB on his first run but was wayward round Farmhouse on his second; Alex Miles was within a second and a half of his PB on his first run to take the lead, however on his second wet run he was haemorrhaging time from the start. David Leach took a solo win in 2E setting a new PB on his first ascent.

Into Mod Prod territory and in 3A it was not surprisingly the first runs that really counted. As Roy Bolderson came to the line Mark Forster was leading Jonathan North (who would post the best wet time on the second runs), Wil Ker (guesting in the Hornet after his OMS lunched the engine) and Harewood debutante Paul Brewsher. Bolderson was off the pace from the start. He was steady and got it to the top OK but was slowest by a

Tracey Wise in her Elise won Class 3B (Phill & Marcus Andrews)

large amount. 3B mirrored 3A with only Callum Furness, who was quickest in the wet, registering a PB. Up front Tracey Wise was electrifying getting to within one hundredth of her PB to take the win. Stuart Stelling beat Ralph Pinder for second with Adam Warren fourth. In 3F Matt Turner took the win with Andrew Steel second and an errant Bob Bellerby third – none of them ventured out for the second runs. In Sports Libre Ben Lovell took a solo run win in 4A as John Prickett retired with oil pressure problems and in 4B Stephen Green in the Rochdale GT also took a solo win.


Ed Carter won Class 5A in his Force PT (Don Chambers)

In the two Racing Car classes it was again a one run battle. In 5A Ben Tranter set the initial pace but was pipped for the win by Ed Carter. David Tatham, who has been off his 2018 pace this season was third ahead of Rob Spedding. Both Tranter and Spedding took their second runs with Tranter again the quicker. In 5E Sandra Tomlin took a solo win before we moved into the final class for Classic Sports & Saloons. John Thornton set the initial pace before David Spaull won the battle of the Minis to take the lead. Thomas Robinson won the Spridget battle and also moved into the lead before Jim Johnstone swept through to take the class win. Just Thornton and Johnstone took their second runs and both were over 10 seconds ‘off the pace’.

A third timed run was “on offer” and after four drivers had slithered and slid their way to the top the meeting was abandoned as the rain suddenly started to get a lot heavier. The marshals again did a brilliant job in some pretty foul weather and were going to be busy overnight drying out the orange uniforms.

We had to have a photo of Jon Goodwin in his beautiful Ferrari 275 GTS (Keith Hunt)

Steve Wilkinson is your reporter


May British Championship Hillclimb 12th May 2019

Willis & Spedding prevail

On the damp Saturday there had been a lot of missed chances to practice as drivers elected to sit-out the wet ones! Ben Hamer and Wil Ker retired when the engine decided to implode and Will Hall had various electrical issues with Graham Wynn’s GR55. In the Harewood class Andy Barton was a nonstarter after an engine issue in his 205 whilst several other drivers didn’t turn up.

On Sunday morning there were an unprecedented three practice runs before lunch (basically everyone behaved and there were no major incidents). The event got underway with the first set of timed runs which counted for the British Leaders points. Veteran racer Angus Dow, Harewood regular Jonathan Mounsey and John Pick all took solo victories in their respective classes with Mounsey setting new class records on both his runs. In C1 Eric Morrey’s nifty Imp succumbed on his first class run leaving

Stephen Moore took Class C3 in his Mitsubishi Evo 6 (JCB Photography)

Andrew Russell and his venerable Ginetta G15 to take the class win. In C2 Colin Satchell dominated both runs with co-driver Paul Drowne second and Stuart Reid third on each run. In C3 Stephen Moore in his ‘new for 2019’ Evo 6 set new PBs on each run whilst Jonathan Williamson was second each time and Laura Wardle third. Pilchard presser Geoff Twemlow, who had to give up his pasty tasting job due to increased kerb weight was fourth

Christian Mineeff won Class G in this Pilbeam MP43 (JCB Photography)

. Class D was reduced to just the one runner, Bob Bellerby, who duly cruised to the top each time. In Class F for the up to 2 litre Sports Libre cars Ben Lovell just kept John Prickett at bay whilst Brian Beverley brought his Westfield XTR2 home third. In the second libre class Christian Mineef brought home Ray Rowan’s MP43 to first place on each run with Allan McDonald second.

Robert Kenrick was astoundingly fast in the up to 1100cc Class I (JCB Photography)

Into the Racing Car classes and in the 1100 Class I Robert Kenrick just pipped Adam Greenen in the first set of runs and then the Welsh wizard slashed a couple of tenths off his own class record to confirm the class win. Despite a second run grassy excursion at Quarry Adam Greenen took second overall in the class as older brother Andy finished third overall and second in the Leaders points in run 2. Eynon Price finished fourth overall in the class whilst Steve Owen was fifth and Ben Tranter set a new PB in finishing sixth. In the Formula Ford class Samantha Lester dominated with Doug Auld second and Ed McDonough third on each occasion. Into class J2 and on the first runs David Warburton was a second quicker than Les Mutch, however the Warburtons retired as the car was spraying liberal amounts of OPEC’s finest crude on the exhaust and a rear tyre! This left the door open and Mutch snuck through to take the win with his second run time. David Warburton ended up second in the class with father Allan third and John MacKenzie fourth. In K1 for the normally aspirated 2 litres Jonathen Varley in the super GWR Predator BDG was top of

Richard Spedding won his class and took maximum points in the second Run-off (Geoff Robinson)

the shop on both runs. Tim Elmer was second on the first run but Lee Griffiths fought back taking over second place on the second set of runs. In K2 for the Forced Induction 2 Litres Richard Spedding was untouchable. He rocketed to take a first run lead with a class record and was also inside the old record on his second ascent. Simon Moyse on his return to Harewood took second in the Gould GR59 on both runs. The extensive Class L for the “big cars” featured an eclectic mix ranging from Scott Rayson’s awesome Chevrolet Special to the brand-new Gould GR59J of Sean Gould – two more different hillclimb cars it would be difficult to imagine. Wallace Menzies was fastest on the first set of class runs setting a new PB and was also fastest on the second. Trevor Willis took second overall with his first run time whilst Alex Summers was third and Dave Uren fourth.

Peter Hayman in his 488GTB was victorious in the Ferrari class (Geoff Robinson)

Les Procter took a solo win in the solitary Classic Class before the Ferraris took to the track once again. With lots of practice and a fully dry track the Ferraris were on top form. No less than 12 drivers set new PBs and the class record was also broken. Peter Hayman, who was returning to competition after a 16-year break, got to within a couple of hundredths of the record on his first run and duly consigned Nick Taylor’s 2010 record to the history books on his second. Taylor himself held second throughout and actually got inside his old record on his second run falling just 0.09 short of Hayman’s class winning time.Tim Dickinson was just over half a second in arrears in third and David Snelson fourth. The final class of the day was for the Yorkshire Members. The mixed bag of cars means that to settle who wins, the Harewood Championship Points Scoring system is used. On Scratch Richard Archbould

Jim Johnstone heads up the hill in his TR6 (JCB Photography)

was quickest whilst John Heseltine continued to improve after his trip to the Harewood Driving Academy during the week taking second and Jim Johnstone third. However, when the Championship guru Chris Seaman had worked his magic it was Johnstone who took the win from Archbould.

The first of the run-offs featured no less than four 1100s and two Raptors. Andy Greenen led off and immediately upped his game with a swift run clipping 0.29 off his Q-time. Eynon Price, who was twelfth fastest did improve but it would leave him anchored in last. David Warburton also picked up the pace and moved ahead of the senior Greenen brother. Adam Greenen then pushed a tad too much, dropping back. Jason Mourant only qualified eighth fastest, however the Jerseyman clipped over a second off his Q-time to go into the lead. Robert Kenrick then matched his Q-time to slot in behind Mourant. Scott Moran had cruised into the run-off and when it mattered produced a cracking run just below the 49 second mark to go into the lead. Dave Uren then slotted into second, being another to pick up the pace. Alex Summers then put in another Moranesque run as he effortlessly moved into second behind Scott. Richard

Trevor Willis on his way to winning the first Top 12 run-off (JCB Photography)

Spedding was next and was another to push hard and suffer a setback as he slotted in behind Uren. Trevor Willis was the penultimate runner and was superb as he almost matched his hill record to sweep past Scott into the lead. Fastest qualifier Wallace Menzies then set off but lost time early on in his run with too much wheelspin. By the time he reached Country he was well down but managed to claw back from sixth at that point up to a disappointing fourth.

In the second run-off Andy Greenen again led the way but had a poor launch, suffering the consequences as he failed to match his qualifying pace. Sean Gould, who had suffered a dashboard malfunction on Sunday, had picked up the pace with more seat time and sliced off over a second from his Q-time in the elegant GR59J. James Baxter, the “vintage car fettler” from Huddersfield, had qualified for his first ever Top 12, and despite not being able to match his earlier time would finish tenth. Alex Summers had cruised into the run-off and despite clipping over two seconds off his Q-time couldn’t match his earlier pace. Les Mutch had qualified well but was another to fall back behind the more powerful cars. Scott Moran then took to the hill. The six-time champion seemed as smooth as ever yet failed to pick up sufficient speed out of Willow and Orchard to get ahead of Summers. Jason Mourant then matched Moran until the run to Orchard where the Judd couldn’t keep pace and he fell back. Trevor Willis managed to

Dave Uren was 4th in Class L and 5th and 3rd in the Run-offs (Geoff Robinson)

improve over his Q-time but it wasn’t near the pace of his first run-off and despite taking the lead he looked vulnerable. Initially Dave Uren was ahead of Willis but as soon as he headed to Orchard, he fell back to second. Next to the line was Robert Kenrick whose new 1100 record saw him third fastest qualifier! His start was electrifying and by the split before Country he was up on the clock. However, a slide ran him wide but he kept his foot in. He was now haemorrhaging time and a desperate lunge at the elbow before Orchard saw him arrow off track cutting over the grass on the inside of Orchard and effectively ending his run. Penultimate runner Richard Spedding executed a near perfect launch that propelled him into an initial lead. At Orchard he was up on the clock. He still led as he headed to Quarry and a swoop round the final corner saw him slip ahead of Willis into the lead. This left only the championship leader Wallace Menzies to run. He was slow off the blocks, closed up by the time he got to the Esses but a compromised run from there to Country saw him fall back. Despite his best efforts he couldn’t close the gap and Wallace ran out fourth.

There were lots of incidents during the day and with three practice, two timed plus two Top 12 Run-offs the marshals were kept on their collective toes and responded professionally as always. In his FTD speech Trevor Willis praised not only the organisers and the marshals but also the attitude of the local competitors and spectators who make Harewood such a friendly and welcoming venue. I am already looking forward to the BHC’s next visit to Harewood in July.

Reported by Steve Wilkinson