Issue 22 June 2019


Early Saturday morning of 27th April saw me dragging clothes on in time to get to the hill to see the entrants in the Retro Mintex, and despite somewhat inclement weather, I thought it really enjoyable, and there were some very interesting cars.

Inevitably sometimes significant occasions involving family and friends’ take priority over Harewood events, and so it was for me for the events on both March 24thand April 14th.. However, Steve’s report on the Spring National brought me up-to-date and it was heartening to read that Richard Spedding was throwing down the gauntlet by breaking the Class 5D record.

It was unfortunate that the weather rather dominated proceedings on May 11th, but that’s how it is sometimes, and yet another social event rather curtailed my attendance at the BHC meeting.

So it’s clear from the above that my enjoyment of the majority of the events so far this season is entirely due to Steve’s excellent reports!