Issue 19 July 2018


On behalf of the magazine production team, I must apologise for the late arrival of the ‘summer edition’ of your magazine. We had some serious software obstacles to overcome, but at least it has meant a bumper edition with no fewer than six event reports, so that has to be some sort of silver lining!

Well, the weather on 2nd June wasn’t great early-on, but for those stoics who held on, the afternoon gradually improved and it was, as always, a great event. I wasn’t planning to attend the ‘Jim Thomson’ but on seeing the impressive entry list I went to the hill for a couple of hours on Sunday, and the event didn’t disappoint. Even better was the number of spectator cars; it seemed to be a very popular event.

The paddock basks in the heat (Keith Hunt)

“It’s too hot to go outside,” is not an observation often made in respect of the hill, but on July 7th and 8th it would have been true. Sat tucking into one of Nicola’s excellent salads, I was struck by the contrast with the days when the refreshment tent offers a welcome refuge from the wind and rain!  On Saturday there was both a huge entry list and a new track surface to interest and

What was it the Duke of Wellington said? “They might not frighten the enemy, but by God they frighten me.” (Keith Hunt)

entertain. On both days we were treated to the spectacle of some very smart Porsches and it was a delight to see our friends from Guernsey back with their extraordinary V8 Specials. Best of all for me on Saturday was the presence of ‘Manta Jock’  and David Purdy in his example. (A Manta was the first ‘interesting’ car we were able to buy.) I confess to having snuck home to watch the second half of the World Cup

Manta Jock presses on through the finish (Keith Hunt)

soccer, but before that I realized how much I was looking forward to the MSA event the next day. And boy, it didn’t disappoint (except that David Purdy had taken his Manta home)! Both Rob and Richard Spedding were on fire, the only question being which was burning the brighter! I took along a neighbour for his first visit to Harewood; I just wish more local people would come along and enjoy

We don’t often have days like this at Harewood… (Keith Hunt)

our events!. On the 8th we had fierce competition with records tumbling, great weather and the feel good factor of England’s win over Sweden just the day before, all of which made for a great, almost party, atmosphere.

I missed the events on 4th and 5th August thanks to a holiday in Dorset, but Steve’s excellent reports have brought me up-to-date on the news from the hill!