Issue 16 July 2017


Classic & Vintage Hillclimb 3rd June 2017

Crosse up front

The annual visit of the VSCC contenders was held in near perfect conditions and with six new class records plus rafts of Personal Bests the competitors had a wonderful day as well.

Class 16 went to Harewood regular Jim Johnstone (Phill & Marcus Andrews)

Kicking off were the guest championships and Alan Johnson took a comfortable win in the Morgan class from George Proudfoot’s 1939 Morgan Flat Rad. Jim Johnstone took the TR Register class win with Robert Barnard 1.3 in arrears whilst the rest were some way off the leading two. The Bert Hadley classes were next and in Road Going Ian Bennett took the win from Al Frayling-Cork and the rest. In Racing it was the Pigsty Special of Paul Geering who won and lowered his class

Paul Forty took the Bentley Drivers Club class (Keith Hunt)

record. Paul Forty took the Bentley Driver’s Club class win and was the second driver to set a new class record. In the 500 Owners Club class Nick Reynolds lowered his old record en route to the win whilst Richard Grant in the Kiehn Special just held off Finlay Mackintosh and Nigel Ashman in their Coopers. The last of the guest championship was for the Jaguar Drivers Club and Thomas Robinson set a new record in his RAM D-Type with John Cockerill in his Ford Escort over two seconds adrift.

Joanna Blakeney-Edwards taking V3 with typically wayward Chain Gang angles (Keith Hunt)

Into the VSCC classes and in V1 it was Greg and Geoff Harrison taking the 1-2 whilst sharing Greg’s Austin 7 Ulster. In V2 John Collins took his Riley Brooklands to the class win with daughter Joanna second. In V3 Joanna Blakeney-Edwards took her recently refurbished Frazer Nash Supersports to the win ahead of Geoff Smith in a similar Meadows powered Nash. In V4 Richard Houlgate won the battle of the Lea Francis finishing well clear of Roger Lear. In V5 Australian Steve Denner beat James ‘Mac’ Herbert whilst guest-driving Mac’s Alvis Silver Eagle.

In V6 Nigel Hall was the sole Lagonda up against four Vauxhall 30/98s however he held

Kevin Morton working hard in his Riley 9 Special (Keith Hunt)

off a spirited challenge from Harry College et al. Hugh Mackintosh was the sole runner in the Edwardian class (V7) so cruised to the win some 1.22 seconds shy of his class record set last year. In V8 Kevin Morton repeated his class win from last week’s Loton Park event in his Riley 9 Special finishing well clear of the Austin Sevens of David Furnell and Graham Beckett. Greg Lerigo also repeated his Loton form as he took the win in V9 with his Riley 12/4 Special but had Geoff Toms, the only driver in the class not in a Riley, snapping at his heels in the supercharged Fiat Balilla.

Splendid10 litre Theophile Schnider (now that’s a PROPER name for a car!) took Class V12 (Tony Todd)

In V10 Jon Mellor in the superb GN/AC Beetle was back to take the win ahead of Duncan Fish and David Smith in their Alvis 12/70 Specials. In V11 Christopher and Peter Batty brought the family

David Pryke (Frazer Nash Shelsley Single Seater) rounding Quarry (Steve Wilkinson)

’s Frazer Nash Supersports home in a 1-2 ahead of Jeff Edwards in his Alvis. In V12 Nicholas Hildyard took a solo win in his thumping 10 litre Theophile Schnider. In V13 the screeching supercharged Riley 9 Special of Mark Purnell romped home ahead of the Gillow Special of Mike Fountain. Geoff Purnell only managed one run in his Singer Special due to mechanical issues and took a solo win in V14. Edmund Burgess was back with his lovely Bugatti T51 and he had a classic tussle in V15 with David Pryke in the Frazer Nash Shelsley single seater which saw Pryke take the win. Richard Archbell in the GN/AC Rabelro took third and Iain Cheyne in the Semmence Special was fourth.

Julian Grimwade powers out of Farmhouse on his way to Vintage FTD (Keith Hunt)

Julian Grimwade in the super Frazer Nash Norris Special not only took the class win in V16 but also set the Vintage FTD. Amber McHamish was second in V16 in the Stinson Special with Maurice Gleeson and Michael Miles some way off the pace in third and fourth sharing the wonderful Napier T75.

Into the Classics and in V17 it was Charles Reynolds who led throughout setting a new class record in the process with his Mk 7 Cooper JAP Vee Twin. Tom Cowley finished second

David Cranage in his Coventry Climax-powered Lotus 7 S1 powers towards a class win in V18 (Keith Hunt)

in his earlier Mk 6 Cooper with historian Jeremy Bouckley third in a smart Cooper Formula Junior Mk 2. Fourth went to Amy Tomlin in the family’s Alta-Jaguar. David Cranage took a solo win in V18 in his Coventry Climax powered Lotus 7 S1. In C19 it was a feast of BMC vehicles; Harewood regular David Taylor took the win and clipped nearly two seconds off the class record with Mark Forster in an indecently quick Wolseley Hornet second and Steven Murphy’s Morris Mini Minor third. In C20 Mike Haigh in the exquisite MG Lenham Le

The ex-Mike Wilds F3 Ensign driven by Fyrth Crosse set the Classic FTD (Phill & Marcus Andrews)

Mans led throughout whilst Keith Beningfield took second in the supercharged MG TC ahead of Stuart and Neil Bullen in their shared Porsche 914. In the final class for the classics (C21) Fyrth Crosse in the ex-Mike Wilds F3 Ensign led throughout and also set the Classic FTD. Les Procter came home second in the Elva Mk 7 some way off his normal pace with a recalcitrant gearbox.

Once again, the Vintage and Classic meeting put on a great spectacle and everyone had a thoroughly entertaining day. A big thank you as always to the marshals & organisers and I for one can hardly wait until these wonderful cars are back again next year.

Your reporter, Steve Wilkinson


Jim Thomson Hillclimb 4th June 2017

Chacksfield holds off Banner

Following on from the Vintage & Classic meeting it was back to the usual suspects for the latest round of the Harewood Championship. After a chilly morning, the temperature rose as the competition hotted up.

Heading the runners were a nice group of Morgans which saw Simon Baines well clear on scratch however once the handicaps were applied it was George Proudfoot in his Pre-War 4/4 that took the honours from multiple Morgan Champion Chris Bailey. In the

Stephen Cork won the Scimitar and Sabre class (Phill & Marcus Andrews)

TR Register class is was déjà vu as Jim Johnstone took the win from Robert Barnard and Robert Mead. In the Scimitar and Sabre class Stephen Cork took the win whilst Joshua Oakes came in second driving his commuter SS1 rather than his usual tweaked machine. In the AMOC class record holder Tom Whittaker was well off the pace as he finished in

Peter House tool the AMOC class in his far-out Beetle (Phill & Marcus Andrews)

the runner’s up spot behind Peter House in the VW RSI Beetle V6 whilst Mark Chandler was third in his DB7. The final guest class was the Classic Marques and on scratch Matthew Eady was on fine form setting a new class record but when the handicap was applied Martin Rowe in the Honda S2000 was in first with Eady second in the Ginetta G4 and Roger Fish third in his Honda S2000.

Mike Geen winning Class 1A (Phill & Marcus Andrews)

Into the Harewood classes and in 1A it was that man again Mike Geen who led throughout whilst Nick Mitchell took second ahead of Ben Spencer and Steve Mitchell. In 1B there were some notable absentees which left the door open for Jack Pearson to take the win whilst David Marshall recovered from second last to take second and Gordon Riley likewise recovered from dead last to take

Kieran O’Brian heads for a new class record (Phill & Marcus Andrews)

third ahead of Josh Saxton. Into 1C and once again the record was broken, this time by Kieran O’Brien on his second timed run. Julian Howarth took second in his turbocharged MX5 with a new PB and Peter Sherratt was third ahead of Terry Deere in the Talbot Sunbeam Lotus. In 1D Steve Darley was initially only second as Jonathan Mounsey led the way with a new PB. The Impreza driver recovered to take the lead with Mounsey second ahead of Milne and Cox all in Mitsubishis. London based Chris Berrisford took class 1F from Mark Richardson and then it was the turn of the Kit Cars

Terry Marshall (Caterham R400) took Class 2B (Phill & Marcus Andrews)

. With Michael Bellerby sidelined this left the door open for Daniel Hollis to take the 2A class win with Oliver Roberts taking second place in his second outing at Harewood with the RAW Striker. In 2B Terry Marshall took the win however second spot went to hillclimb debutante Martin Bailey in his self-built GBS Zero. In the Elise Class (2E) it was Chris Brooks who again took the win with David Leach setting a new PB en route to second.

Roy Bolderson bounces to a Class 3A win (Phill & Marcus Andrews)

Just two entries in 3A as we swept into Mod Prod territory. Roy Bolderson took the win as Michael McErlain equalled his PB in second slot. 3B started off with Sarah Bosworth sidelined. An engine mount had broken but thanks to Carl Austin and Paul Nutter the offending item was neatly welded and Sarah was back in the action after lunch

The Demon Barber took the class win thanks to the efforts several fellow competitors (Phill & Marcus Andrews)

. Initial leader Tracey Taylor-West, who had offered her car to Sarah, was relegated to second when the Demon Barber hit the hill. Thankfully Paul Nutter and Carl Austin also made amends and finished third and fourth. In 3C Joe Cross once again took the win and set a new PB in the process after Andy Hill had spun out at Orchard on his first effort. Bob Bellerby was back out in 3F with the Riot after some major surgery to the rear suspension plus an engine rebuild. He led throughout setting a new PB on his second run. Richard Cartledge took third as

Ben Lovell took Class 4A (Phill & Marcus Andrews)

Phil Gough made his first appearance at Harewood with his Caterham 7 Hayabusa.

There was just one class for Sports Libres (4A) and it was John Prickett who was the initial leader. Ben Lovell moved ahead on his second ascent and held off Prickett’s challenge. James Davies brought the re-engined 205 home in third with Ray Bool in a Z Cars Mini with Honda VTECH in the back seat fourth. Ben Tranter and Robert Spedding had forsaken their FF1600 Vector in favour of the ex-Graham Smith OMS 2000M in class 5A both struggled initially

Dave Banner took Class 5C in his red OMS 28 whilst…(Phill & Marcus Andrews)

but soon found the pace. Ed and Steve Carter both set PBs as they finished 1-2 whilst Tranter took third and Spedding fourth. In 5C Dave Banner lopped massive chunks off his previous best times in his OMS 28 ending with a sub-54 second run to take the class win. Colin Birkbeck was second in his 1100cc supercharged Force and Simon Ambler third. Fyrth Crosse only took one timed run as

…John Chacksfield took Class 5D in HIS red OMS 28 (Phill & Marcus Andrews)

there were fuelling issues with the Ensign. John Chacksfield was the solo runner in 5D but he was pressured by Dave Banner and just held off the challenge for FTD. With just three Classics present it was down to Class Record Holder Steve Dennis to take the win with Thomas Robinson second and Peter Fletcher third with a misfiring Speedwell Sprite.

Steve Dennis in his TVR 1600M took Class 6C (Phill & Marcus Andrews)

For the first time in ages there had been no need for the Recovery Vehicles after lunch and with the usual slick marshalling the event finished early and still bathed in sunshine. Our next Harewood Championship meeting is on Saturday July 1st – I can hardly wait.

Report by Steve Wilkinson


Harewood Championship Hillclimb 1st July 2017

One Litre Wonder

On a crisp July morning the paddock was buzzing after the Barbon Manor British championship rounds had to be cancelled and many of the entry headed straight to Harewood. Helping hands came in handy and there was a party atmosphere which heralded a wonderful day of hillclimbing.

There were a few withdrawals however practice did claim a couple of victims. First Len Amy dropped a wheel of his Mallock onto the grass coming out of Chippy’s and smote the tyre wall. We then ‘lost’ two more when the shared Simon Andrews/Bernie Kevill OMS 28 also crashed out. Simon had been sweeping into Willow when the car snapped sideways. It charged backwards into the barrier and reared up before crashing back down. Simon was thankfully uninjured but the car would need a trip to York! We also had an Armco bashing incident with one of the Porsches that required a bit of muscle power to straighten a bent front wing and copious amounts of tank tape to patch up the ‘repair’.

Ben Spencer heading towards a win in Class 1A (Motorpics)

The event proper started with the Harewood classes and a fulsome Class 1A set the ball rolling. Ben Spencer in his rare Vauxhall Nova saloon led throughout. Michael Geen held second until the fourth run when Martin Rowe, who had switched back to his Peugeot 106 Rallye after problems with his Honda S2000 at Prescott, slipped through and relegated Geen to third – all three setting PBs. In

Deryck Jones in command of Class 1B (Motorpics)

Class 1B Deryck Jones also led throughout with Gordon Riley and David Marshall second and third. In Class 1C the programme rankings were played out as Peter Sherratt, Julian Howarth and Kieran O’Brien came home 3-2-1. After fitting a newly rebuilt engine into the Impreza Estate, Steve Darley had the usual niggles in practice but on his first timed run set a new class record. He led until the fourth timed run when double Gurston Down Champion Stephen Moore clipped a further five hundredths off the ‘new’ record to snatch the win. Tony Booth took

The Caterham 7 of Daniel Hollis speeding towards a win in Class 2A (Motorpics)

a solo win in Class 1F before it was the turn of the kit cars. In a depleted Class 2A Daniel Hollis took the win from a returning Tony Hall. A similarly depleted Class 2B saw the dynamic duo of Richard Palmer and Terry Marshall take a 1-2. Chris Brooks was again top Elise in 2E finishing ahead of David Leach. In Mod Prods, it was a comparable situation; in 3A Roy

Roy Bolderson pressing on in his Mini! (Motorpics)

Bolderson took the win in his Bodspeed Mini ahead of the battling McErlains with father Michael beating son Jeremy this time and in 3B Sarah Bosworth equalled her class record to take the win over Tracey Taylor-West and James Porter. In 3C we benefitted with three additional runners thanks to the BHC tomorrow. Up front Joe Cross finally broke the 60 second barrier to take the win from Andy Hill as local knowledge proved decisive. Jonathan Williamson took third in his Porsche 911 Carrera and Ian Le Sauvage from Guernsey was fourth. In 3F it was The Usual Suspects plus one. Bob Bellerby chipped away at his PB and took the win in his

Mick Lancashire from Jersey took Class 3G in his Avon Sprint (Motorpics)

rejuvenated Riot whilst BHC interloper Simon Jenks was second ahead of Andrew Steel and Richard Cartledge. Mick Lancashire over from the Channel Islands then took a solo win in 3G before the Sports Libres took to the hill.

In Class 4A Ben Lovell and John

Ben Lovell took Class 4A in his OMS SC4CF (Motorpics)

Prickett again were 1-2 with the returning David MacFarlane in the elderly OMS SC1 third. In 4B we had just the one car with the Gretton family driving. The Talbot Sunbeam Lotus is a spaceframe ‘special saloon’ with an aluminium and glass fibre body which runs a 2.2 litre engine similar to Terry Deere’s. It was the first visit to Harewood for the car and Rob beat son Joshua despite the engine starting to sound worse for wear.

Robert Kenrick’s amazing GWR Raptor 2 heads towards Quarry and FTD (Steve Wilkinson)

Into the Racing Car classes and the 1100s provided the BIG shock of the day. Robert Kenrick, double Midland Hillclimb Champion, was giving his new GWR Raptor 2 its Harewood debut. The Welshman has been getting quicker each meeting and the BMW superbike engine certainly provides the grunt. On his first timed run, he broke the class record by over half a second, something our commentator missed! However, on his third run he posted the first ever sub-52-second run in an 1100 at Harewood which proved to be Fastest Time of the Day. Steve Marr in the pretty PCD Saxon came home in second ahead of Ed Carter. Next it was a family feud in Formula Fords, brothers Andrew and Richard Abbey in their shared Jamun M91 and it was younger brother Richard who took the win. In 5C it was wall to wall Hayabusas and reigning Scottish Hillclimb champion Les Mutch led throughout and grabbed third FTD in the process; Dave Banner finished second and Morgan Jenkins third. Into 5D and John Chacksfield again took the class win with Tim Elmer (Dallara) and Terry Davis (OMS) in second and third both using TKD V8 power. Class 5E was bolstered by the visiting Guernsey contingent with their old sand racing behemoths. Oliver Tomlin in the family Pilbeam took the class win and second FTD. Scott Rayson in the menacing Chevrolet Special ‘sand racer’ was second in class ahead of Peter Jory’s similar machine. Les Procter took a solo win in Class 6A in his pretty Elva Mk 7 Twin cam before Jim Johnstone took a poorly supported Class 6C in the TR6.

The ‘guest championships’ were the final classes and in the Porsche Speed class it was

That’s one good-looking Porsche! David Dyson took Class 14 in this Turbo (Motorpics)

David Dyson in the sparkly new Porsche Turbo who took the win ahead of Martin Leach’s and Geraint Evans’ older 911s. In the Porsche Hillclimb class the class record holder Paul Howells took the win in his delicious 911 RSR from his main rival Tim Barber with Phil Price third in the ex-Tony Bancroft 911 “73 JAB”.

A cracking day on the hill saw two new class records set and one record equalled, no less than 54 competitors set Personal Best times and we completed two practice runs plus four timed runs with time to spare. Disappointingly at the prize giving our FTD man failed to show up but thanks were given to our great marshals who once again kept everyone safe and allowed us to enjoy another wonderful day of hillclimbing.

Report by Steve Wilkinson

MSA British Hillclimb Championship 2nd July 2017

Willis and Moran win but Spedding stars

The leading quartet were covered by less than half a second each time as Trevor Willis and Scott Moran traded run-off wins at Harewood. But the star of the show, on his home

With a great performance in a borrowed car, Richard Spedding set FTD

hill, was Richard Spedding. Again driving Les Mutch’s Raptor (his own version had ingested a stray bolt to the detriment of its Suzuki engine), the Barnsley man not only qualified top for each of the two run-offs, but in the process set FTD in a time within four tenths of the outright hill record. ‘To do that in a borrowed car, particularly as Les’s Raptor, unlike mine, doesn’t have launch control, is more than I could have hoped for,’ said Spedding.

‘Occasional driver’ Scott Moran won the second run-off

Despite the closeness of the competition, both Willis and Moran were surprised that they couldn’t find more time on a hill in which five class records were broken during the day. But although Moran moved back up into second place overall in the championship ahead of Wallace Menzies, whose ‘off’ in practice presaged a somewhat mediocre day for the Gould-Cosworth driver with just two mid-field finishes, this will only be temporary as Scott will miss the next six rounds in the Channel Islands and at Wiscombe Park.

Trevor Willis’s winning run-off shot secured second FTD and strengthened his championship lead

Meanwhile Trevor Willis, the hill record holder at both Bouley Bay and Wiscombe, continues to rack up the points. Moving into the second half of the season, his healthy championship lead over somewhat inconsistent opposition can only strengthen his bid for a second British title.

Alex Summers’ challenge was blunted by a suspension breakage

Alex Summers looks to be an increasing prospect for a good championship placing, but his challenge in the V6 Firestorm was blunted at Harewood when a fourth place finish in the opening shoot-out was followed by a suspension breakage in round two. Now ten points behind Menzies, he’s tied for fourth place on the table with the ever-present Spedding.

Will Hall was up and running again with his spare AER engine in the Force

Will Hall was back out at Harewood, the Force fitted with his spare AER engine, its cracked block suffered in his Shelsley accident in 2015 now repaired. An inexplicable intermittent power loss blighted his first run-off shot and he struggled home for tenth, but all was well later as he qualified top in Q2, level with Spedding, before finishing fifth, well in touch with the leaders. With the Gould’s former owner Martin Groves on hand to dispense advice, Dave Uren’s fourth and fifth places kept him in the championship top six ahead of Hall.

Apart from Spedding, and his co-driver Mutch in the second run-off, the only other 1600cc bike engined representative in the shoot-outs was Ed Hollier, eighth and tenth in an Empire reverted to 2016 spec as regards engine and suspension. The Gould/Price duo had been eliminated in practice after Sean had put the GR59 into the Armco on the exit of Farmhouse.

Jason Mourant and Oliver Tomlin shared the advantage in their 4-litre V8 machines, the Jerseyman with the better time overall after a sixth place in the opening run-off. Still looking for his first British point, John Chacksfield was just out of luck in the opening shoot-out but in the afternoon bout, his time was disallowed after putting a wheel off limits over the finish line. Lee Griffiths qualified before lunch, but his OMS-Suzuki turbo objected to having to do it on a re-run and promptly boiled over, eliminating him from the run-off itself.

As at the May British Harewood event, support for some of the earlier classes was thin, James Kerr the only taker in his Peugeot 205 GTi for the opening Roadgoing class. The over 2-litres were more numerous, but lost Harewood stalwart Peter Herbert when his 911 lapsed on to five cylinders during practice. After a problematic opening run another Harewood regular, Steve Darley, recovered in his Impreza Estate to take the win in a time three tenths outside his year-old record. First run leader Jonathan Mounsey had to settle for second place in his Evo, while 2-times champion on the BARC’s sister hill Gurston Down, Stephen Moore, chased hard for third.

Eric Morrey set his third successive class record in the Imp Turbo

Johnny Mackenzie was another solo runner in the Roadgoing Specialist class aboard his ex.Les Mutch GWR Racing Dax Rush-Rover V6, but at least Eric Morrey had Roy Bolderson’s Mini alongside him in the opening ModProd class. This was fortunate for the Imp Turbo driver, as with two in the class and a third successive record in his superbly engineered machine, he was able to amass enough points to hang on to second place in the Avon/TTC Hillclimb Leaders Championship. Yet another solo drive,

Sarah Bosworth reset former Leaders champion Colin Satchell’s class record

this time by former Harewood and Gurston champion Sarah Bosworth, took the second of the day’s five class records as the Sheffield barber shaved a tenth off former Leaders champion Colin Satchell’s 2-litre ModProd record. Better support for the over 2-litre class saw Chris Berrisford’s Impreza in charge, chased at close quarters by one of the strong contingent of Channel Islanders at Harewood, Guernseyman Ian Le Sauvage aboard his big BMW M3.

Another Channel Islander, Harewood regular Mick Lancashire, brought his Avon Sprint up from Jersey but had to settle for second place behind the Caterham Hayabusa of Simon Jenks in the two-car Specialist ModProd class. His Jersey compatriot Len Amy

Allan McDonald’s innovative Mini Evo 4WD enters Farmhouse Bend

had been unfortunate to visit the barriers at Chippy’s the previous day in his rear engined Mallock Mk 32, which meant there were no 2-litre sports libres and only two in the larger division, where regular British championship contender Allan McDonald’s innovative 4WD Mini Evo got the better of David Seaton’s svelte Pilbeam-BMW by well over five seconds.

Much better support for the racing car classes saw twelve 1100cc entries, although even this was far less than the usual 25-strong fields that we’ve been used to seeing

Robert Kenrick blitzed the 1100cc racing record by a second and a half

this year! The field was reduced to ten after the Simon Andrews/Bernie Kevill OMS withdrew following Simon’s accident at Saturday’s event, but the class was notable for an astonishing performance by hillclimb returnee Robert Kenrick. Having taken FTD at Saturday’s meeting in his 1-litre GWR Raptor-BMW, he proceeded to carve over 1.5sec off Simon Fidoe’s 1100cc record on Sunday with a time that would have qualified mid-field for each of the two British run-offs had he been registered for the championship! Steve Marr, almost two seconds adrift in the tiny PCD Saxon-Suzuki, had to be content with second place while Steve Owen, a further half-second back, took third in the works OMS-Suzuki.

The 1600cc class was, of course, the province of the remarkable Richard Spedding. His winning time, two tenths inside Jos Goodyear’s 2012 record, set a time which no-one else could approach on the day. Even Trevor Willis’s second FTD, set during the opening run-off, was almost four tenths adrift and Spedding’s benefactor Les Mutch still needed over 2.3sec to get on terms with him as he bounced back from a disallowed opener (track limits at Quarry again!) to edge out Ed Hollier by three tenths and take second place.

Class winner Tim Elmer completed a good day for Terry Davis’s Yamaha V8s

In a good day for Terry Davis’s Yamaha-based V8 engines, Tim Elmer’s Dallara was never headed in the normally aspirated 2-litre class while a fine performance by Trish Davis, wife of the engine’s constructor, snatched second place by seven hundredths from Jack Cottrill, making his debut in the family Pilbeam-Millington alongside his father John. Terry himself had to settle for close-fought fourth place. The three-car forced induction division was reduced to two after a problematic opener for Kelvin Broad’s supercharged Pilbeam, and Lee Griffiths got the nod by a couple of tenths from John Chacksfield.

Surprisingly, the big single seater class was one of the biggest of the day with 19

The Channel Islands sand racers were out in force. This is Peter Jory’s 7.6 litre Chevrolet Special

starters. It was boosted by the welcome appearance of the four Channel Island ‘sandracers’ in their massive machines, Messrs. Jory, Rayson, Clarke and his daughter Tara Harvey no doubt making their regular visit to take advantage of the eleven runs on offer during the weekend! Up front, of course, were the BHC regulars led by the Firestorm V6 of Alex Summers as Will Hall and Trevor Willis, next up, flexed their muscles for the run-offs.

Paul Howells lowered his Porsche Hillclimb Championship record

An equally strong contingent of Porsche Club National Speed Championship contenders saw David Dyson’s turbocar snick four tenths off early leader Karl Lupton’s 944 for the win, with Martin Leach’s 964 hanging on to third place ahead of Geraint Evans’ Carrera. The parallel Hillclimb Championship class was smaller, but faster, as Paul Howells lowered his own record in the 911 RSR by exactly half a second. Also under the old record, Tim Barber’s GT3 RS was a mere eight hundredths behind.

Les Procter wheeled out his superb Elva-Ford Mk7 as a change from his Sebring Sprite

Les Procter must be well used to running on his own in Harewood’s pre-86 sportsracing and racing class, which sadly gains little support these days. Having run his Sebring Sprite at Prescott the previous weekend, he wheeled out his superb Ford Twincam powered Elva Mk7 to delight the healthy crowd of spectators.

The final class for ‘B’ licence Yorkshire Centre members saw, naturally enough, a single seater in charge as Ed Carter’s Force-Suzuki ran a second quicker than John Prickett’s Radical. Ed’s father Steve rounded off the top three as the only other sub-one minute runner, a second clear of Joe Cross’s Impreza.

Story and pictures – Jerry Sturman

With acknowledgements to the HSA’s magazine SPEEDSCENE