Issue 16 July 2017


By Yuk Hodgson and Jonathan Pulleyn, published by J.P.Rallying Publications

Yuk, rally driver, hillclimb competitor (occasionally at Harewood), rally spares dealer etc. etc. has now committed some of his exploits to paper. These are summed up on the cover ”A lifetime of rallying fun and laughter”. There is a seemly endless supply of tales and anecdotes about motorsport events at home and abroad, both before and after the events, sometimes there are even details about the events themselves. With contributions from co-drivers, helpers and friends, you are right in the centre of the action, in the years when rallying was fun. Many tales include another legend, Yuk’s best friend “Piggy“ Thompson, now sadly no longer with us.

An enjoyable read and a must buy for all rally enthusiast who want to know about the era when rallying was fun.

To obtain your copy contact Yuk at Yukspeed Rally Spares, or see Yuk’s Fast Book,  Facebook page.

John M English