Issue 10 January 2016


At this time of year, looking back at the high-spots of the past season at Harewood is much to be preferred to looking out of the window at the miserable weather!

Let’s start by looking at the Yorkshire Centre and CG Motorsport Championships, the following comments being the result of a very simple analysis of the class winners across the season.

In the Road Modified Classes,  David Taylor (Morris Cooper ‘S’) had things pretty much

Tracey Taylor-West, Harewood Speed Hillclimb Champion 2015

Tracey Taylor-West, Harewood Speed Hillclimb Champion 2015

all his own way in 1a, whilst in 1b it was a good idea to drive a Peugeot 205 GTi, although Fred Currell and his VW Golf thought otherwise. In 1c Richard Archbould generally led the ‘Entertaining Evos’ home, but 1f had a terrific variety of winners.

Michael Bellerby (2a) and Derek Leetham (2b) generally held sway in the kit cars. In the Elise class (2e), Tracey Taylor-West managed to win at every Harewood Championship event, and to rub it in, she also broke the class record at the Greenwood Cup event and then equalled her new record at the Mike Wilson, becoming a worthy winner of the Overall Championship.

Steve Darley's crowd-pleasing Impreza

Steve Darley’s crowd-pleasing Impreza

Of the Mod Prods, Oliver Roberts had most wins in 3a, Sarah Bosworth narrowly managed the same in 3b, whilst in 3c Steve Darley and his mighty Impreza was pretty dominant although Simon Dawes in the lovely Porsche 911 took two wins. In class 3f, Roger Slater, Dave Banner, Andrew Steel, Robert Bailey and Bob Bellerby all took turns to win, the latter also making class 3g pretty much his own.

John Prickett’s Radical had the majority of wins in 4a, ahead of Robbie Birrell, Alasdair Mercer and Ben Lovell. 4b had few takers, but at the July meetings we were treated to the spectacle of Barry Moignard and Jodie Bush’s ‘Skoda’, all the way from Jersey.

Ed Carter had things mostly his way in the smallest racing car class, whilst Ben Tranter

John Chacksfield, Harewood FTD Championship 2015

John Chacksfield, Harewood FTD Championship 2015

and Rob Spedding traded blows in the Formula Ford class. Paul Martin generally held sway in class 5c, and John Chacksfield did likewise in 5d on his way to the FTD Championship title. The big racing car class attracted some mighty machinery, with Wallace Menzies among the winners. Perhaps predictably, the class for historic racing cars (6a) was rather sparsely supported, whilst the better-supported class 6c saw Les Proctor and Jim Johnstone achieve four wins each.


Whilst the Harewood Championship classes provide the bedrock of our meetings, the ‘guest’ classes bring welcome variety to the events, and

The stunning A110 of Tony Gomis exits Farmhouse

The stunning A110 of Tony Gomis exits Farmhouse

what variety we had in 2015! Across the meetings , we were treated to the sight and sound of cars ranging from Austin 7s at one end of the spectrum to the Ferrari Owners at the other,  with all manner of classic marques in between, happily again including the beautiful Alpine Renaults, on top of which at the Summer Championship meeting the bikes were again our guests. Between our own championship contenders and our guest clubs, there was plenty of opportunity to see Lotus 7s and their offspring in action. Their underpinnings may have come a long way since the first 7s turned a wheel, but the performance of these relatively simple machines never fails to amaze me.

In the four BHC Run-offs that we hosted, Trevor Willis and Scott Moran shared the honours with two wins apiece, the latter also setting a new hill record on the last run of the day in Round 6. The weather became ‘interesting’ by the end of Round 18, but on a happier note, the meeting saw the return of our friends from the Channel Islands with their mighty V8-engined specials, always a welcome sight and sound on the hill!

...and it's two wins for him!

…and it’s two wins for him!

So it's two wins for him...

So it’s two wins for him…







And what do you say about the Historic and Classic meeting? One can’t do any better than quote from Steve Wilkinson’s report in Issue 7, “For me it is one of the ‘must see’ meetings at Harewood and when the sun shines it is like a glimpse of heaven.” As a bonus, 2015 saw James Baxter break the ‘Vintage’ hill record and watching him wring the best out of the ERA was truly spectacular.

You can see James Baxter at work!

You can see James Baxter at work!

Finally, on behalf of all of the spectators I’d like to thank all concerned with the running of the events, including the competitors but especially the marshals, for another splendid season’s competition!

Words by Don Chambers, photos by Keith Hunt