Issue 9 October 2015

Harewood 30th August Motor Cycles

Class winners

Classandrew-lupton-49-30-8-15 B1 Motor Cycles not over 250cc

1st        Andrew Lupton, Honda RS


patrick-dolan-315-30-8-15Class B2 Motor Cycles over 250 not over 350cc

1st        Patrick Dolan, KTM



Claspete-ford-537-30-8-15s B3 Motor Cycles over 350 not over 500cc

1st Pete Ford, KTM




Class B4 Motor cycles over 500 not over 750cc

1st Martin Robbins, KTM-SMR


james-godman-883-30-8-15Class B5 Motor Cycles over 750 not over 1300cc

1st James Godman, Suzuki


simon&jayne-foster-969-30-8-15Class B6 Motor Cycle Side Cars and Three Wheelers One Wheel Drive

1st Simon and Jayne Foster, Honda F2


len&nick-auckland-48-30-8-15Class B6 Motor Cycle Side Cars and Three Wheelers Two Wheel Drive

Len and Nick Auckland, Norton Commando


Pictures by Law Photography