Issue 9 October 2015


Since the last issue we’ve had three events at the hill. My wife and I got back from northwest Scotland on Saturday evening, just in time for the Summer Championship. Perhaps because it was a Bank Holiday weekend there seemed to be something of a holiday atmosphere, assisted by great weather. It was a great day with the bikes as well as a really eclectic mix of cars. Among the latter, loads of Escorts (always good value), historic Coopers and an NSUTT. I never expected to see the latter on the hill; it took me back to the 1960s European Touring Car Championship. I have to add that on several occasions the timing gear looked distinctly arthritic, but it survived.

This 'galleon' didn't! (Keith Hunt)

This ‘galleon’ didn’t! (Keith Hunt)

This rig set the FTD (Keith Hunt)

This rig set the FTD (Keith Hunt)

What’s the opposite of charging up hills? Using gravity to propel you down hill, of course, and between Harewood meetings we went to watch the annual Clifford Soapbox Derby, held on a road closed for the occasion. As you can see from the accompanying photos, there are some serious competitors looking to set FTD, and some not-quite-so-serious…

For the Greenwood Cup meeting on 19th September, however, the weather was simply glorious, and again there was an amazing variety of cars competing. Great to see so many beautiful Renault Alpines, and the Noble was a notable visitor. Next day the weather wasn’t quite so good, and there was no shortage of red flag incidents. However, there was an encouraging number of spectators.

What goes up must... (Keith Hunt)

What goes up must… (Keith Hunt)

So there we are, it’s the end of another enjoyable season, but we already have the dates for 2016 so there’s light at the end of the winter tunnel – I can almost taste the bacon butties.

...hopefully... (Keith Hunt)

…hopefully… (Keith Hunt)


...come back down (Keith Hunt)

…come back down (Keith Hunt)







Don Chambers