Issue 5 January 2015


For sale – In car camera and data logger

 New ad Camera

Boxed high definition ActionPro camera (1080P), 170 degree wide angle lens, 1.5” removable rear screen for set-up and reviewing images, remote control for stop and start, waterproof case, built in microphone, various mountings including adjustable heavy duty mount, built in laser pointer, micro SD storage card, cables and instructions.  HDMI output and 2.5mm AV jack. Mini USB connection.

The small operations screen (not the display screen) on the top is cracked, but usable and this can be seen on the display screen. This does not affect the operation or the images. The camera can take great quality videos with sound or simple still images.

 Data logger

Race Technology DL1 2Gb mk2 data logger, internal accelerometers, 100Hz update rate, mounting brackets, connection block, CompactFlash storage card, magnetic GPS antenna/receiver, stop/start buttons, various cables, a USB reader, plastic carry case and instructions. Carry case.

The data is analysed via a PC using the analysis software. This will allow (amongst other things) views of a track map created on your run, display of your speed at any point on the track, how hard you are applying the brakes, RPM used, g-force (e.g. braking, acceleration, corner force), 4 frequency sensor inputs for things such as wheel speeds and up to 8 other analogue inputs such as suspension sensors, steering angle and engine sensors can also be monitored. 

You can see your braking points on a track map, add markers e.g. sectors to see times, compare and overlay multiple laps/runs, look at various graphs e.g. speed v distance, your maximum speed, speed through corners and much more. Updated software is available free from Race Technology.

Competitively priced for the full kit at £299 (would cost around £800 new).  

Wanted – Twin axle open car transporter trailer

Trailer wanted with a bed size of 14 foot by 6 foot. Braked and in good working order/condition. Realistic price please. Preferably known make.

 Please contact Dale Cordingley on 01943 874183.