Issue 5 January 2015


 Alwyn died recently at the ripe old age of 90, and his funeral on November 18th, in the little Methodist chapel at Hampsthwaite, was a tribute to his popularity, as the chapel was full to the doors, and dozens of extra chairs had to be brought in to accommodate the assembled congregation. John and Anne English formally represented the BARC Yorkshire Centre, and I covered a couple of other clubs as well, together with a couple of absent friends and more than fifty years of marshalling race meetings, hill climbs and rallies.

I first met Alwyn when I roped him in to man a control with his mate John Ison on an Airedale and Pennine night rally in 1959, and the pair of them signed up on the spot for any duties that came up, and have continued through the years until advancing years curtailed their mobility. But Alwyn’s first and lasting love was for two wheels.

Having said that, they were rather special motor bikes – Vincent HRD, and Alwyn had a Black Shadow. He was an active member of the Vincent Owner’s Club, and for several years edited the club magazine. Having taken an interest in motor sport, he went into it thoroughly, and was a regular at Harewood, Croft, Cadwell Park, and further afield, and also on the forest rallies that replaced the road events of the fifties. Always calm and unflappable, he was a very valuable member of the marshalling fraternity.

He was also active in the life of the village, and for many years he assisted in the Hospital Radio service in Harrogate. He will be much missed by his many friends, but his service was a warm tribute to a long life filled with good work, and the respect and affection of those he met.

 Our thanks to Tony Hodgetts for sharing his memories of Alwyn with us