Issue 4 October 2014


Martin Maintains Pressure

 Once again sunshine, blue skies and a pleasant breeze greeted competitors and spectators alike to Harewood for the Summer Championship Meeting. With 153 entries including a whole raft of motorcyclists it wasn’t unexpected that practice dragged on a bit. After lunch the first two timed runs were almost completed when the decision was made to opt for a third run. If everything had gone as smoothly as the previous two runs we should have finished at a reasonable time but an errant TVR led to the third runs eventually having to be abandoned.

Mike Roe - TVR Vixen S4 (PW Pics)
Mike Roe – TVR Vixen S4 (PW Pics)

TVRs led off and in the first class for 4 and 6 cylinder cars Mike Roe took the win in his Vixen ahead of David Sharp in the V6 S3C. In the second TVR class Simon Cole, who was back In competition after a six year break, not only took the class win but also lowered the class record.

In the Historic 500 Owners Club class Nick Reynolds took a solo win in the Cooper-Jap which crackled up the hill to establish a new record.

It was then into Road Modified classes, the 1400 split

David Taylor - Morris Cooper S (PW Pics)

David Taylor – Morris Cooper S (PW Pics)

saw another win for David Taylor in his immaculate Mini whilst in the two litre class James Kerr was victorious finishing nearly half a second ahead of Daniel Hollis and Ian Butcher. In the Over Two Litre class the top four were covered by just three quarters of a second. Steve Darley was back with the school-run Impreza estate and finished fourth despite some rather odd gear changes. Graham Cox was third with Richard Archbould second. The win went to Peter Milne whose first run 64.24 couldn’t be bettered. In the catch-all 1f class Alasdair Mercer took the win with a new class record in the Porsche Cayman whilst former class record holder Martin Rowe was second. In the Kit Car classes there were wins for Michael Bellerby and John Hoyle who both finished well clear of the rest and Peter Robinson took a solo class win. The final class for Elise etc was taken by Tracey Taylor-West with Chris Brooks second.

Louise Claxton - Peugeot 106 (PW Pics)

Louise Claxton – Peugeot 106 (PW Pics)

In Mod Prods Anglias ruled 3a with Ivan Russell taking the win ahead of Darren Etchells whilst Alan Forster’s Minicross Rover was third. In the two litre class it saw the Harewood debut of the latest generation of the Claxton family. Louise, granddaughter of Bob, was out in her Peugeot 106 Rallye and was soon carving big chunks off her practice times. Up front it was Richard Hargreaves who took the win in his immaculate Escort with David Purdy second in the orange Manta. In the Over Two Litre class Steve Bussey fought back to take the win in the Impreza ahead of Harewood debutante William Hunt in the Sierra. In the single Kit Car class Andrew Steele took an emphatic win.

Sports Libre boasted a bulging entry with no less than 8 drivers in 7 cars. Ben Lovell led the class throughout with Sarah Holdsworth second in the family Radical. John Prickett

Ian Medcalf - Fiat 500 Special Saloon

Ian Medcalf – Fiat 500 Special Saloon

has sold both his Quest single seater and Westfield kit-car and bought a rather potent Radical PR6 and came home in third spot as he started to learn all the idiosyncrasies of the sequential gear change. The other notable car was the Fiat 500 special saloon of Ian Medcalf. This car started life in Special Saloon racing and featured a spaceframe chassis, fibreglass copy bodyshell and a two cylinder BDA engine. The original engine still exists but the car is now fitted with a potent BMC A Series engine.


Into the single seaters and in the 1100 class Stephen Gamble split the Whiteheads as Eve took the class in RBS8. Ben Tranter just pipped Robert Spedding for the Formula Ford win with Ian Farrer third. The 1600 class saw Paul Martin take the win and also secure FTD as he finished well clear of Nicholas Scott whose Force developed a worsening misfire. 

Charles Reynolds - Cooper MK7

Charles Reynolds – Cooper MK7

Brian Walker took a solo win in the two litre class in the Brytec whilst in 6A for the Classics it was Harewood regular Les Procter that took the win ahead of Charles Reynolds Vee-Twin Cooper and Jim Johnstone’s TR6.


In the Motor Cycle classes there were wins for James Gibson (250 Honda), Jimmy Hodges (450 Honda) who also set the two wheel FTD, Thomas Short (525 Honda), Sam Cartwright (Yamaha R1) and the sidecar outfit of father and son team Neil and Thomas Paylor who were

Neil Paylor and Thomas Paylor - 1000cc RCN F1 (PW Pics)
Neil Paylor and Thomas Paylor – 1000cc RCN F1 (PW Pics)

the only ones to break a class record. In the Motor Cycle Top Ten run-off Jimmy Hodges took the win ahead of Glyn Poole, Thomas Short and the rest.


A big thank you has to go to the marshals and rescue team who performed well during the whole of the day but excelled themselves in dealing with ‘the big one’. I am glad to report that the driver concerned suffered nothing more serious than a very badly bruised wallet!    



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Words by Steve Wilkinson