Issue 4 October 2014


When I look at my Notes from Issue 3 I see that I signed-off with a prayer for good weather for the Summer Championship meeting on August 24th and so it turned out.

I feel a bit sick. (Don Chambers)

I feel a bit sick. (Don Chambers)

And not only fine weather, but a great turn-out of both cars and motorcycles. We used to attend motorcycle race meetings regularly at the Darley Moor circuit near Ashbourne in Derbyshire, and now as then I find the sidecar outfits really interesting. And boy, were we treated to the sight and sound of some interesting cars, not least the ‘Fiat 500’, which was a real crowd-pleaser.

Unfortunately the weather rather disgraced itself for the Greenwood Cup meeting on September 20th event, and with several small children in the party, I have to admit that we didn’t stay long. However, next day the weather for the Mike Wilson event was much better, and a large and varied field provided a fitting finale to the season. And it wasn’t just the cars that provided interest for the spectators.

The unexpected visitor (Keith Hunt)

The unexpected visitor (Keith Hunt)

Somewhere around lunchtime a tremendous racket heralded the appearance of several hundred geese, presumably migrants en route to somewhere else, and later the sound of a jet aircraft behind us caused many of us to look around to discover that we were being overflown by dear old XH558, the only Vulcan still in the air.

So that’s it for another season of fine competition at Harewood, which in turn means no chance of enjoying a bacon butty from Nicola’s Kitchen until next spring. However, we’re aiming to keep the magazine going, notwithstanding the lack of events, so the next issue should contain an article by our Chairman, Tim Wilson, as well as a championship roundup. And please don’t forget that as well as the photos that accompany the text of each issue of the magazine, you can also enjoy a burgeoning Photo Gallery.

Grumpy? Too right I'm grumpy. I only came along for the picnic. (Don Chambers)

Grumpy? Too right I’m grumpy. I only came along for the picnic. (Don Chambers)

But as a final reminder of the fun our sport can provide, at the Summer Championship event one of the cars had a rather surprising (and surprised) passenger.